August 7, 2015

What Are the Biggest Pluses of Gummy Bear Implants?


Considering gummy bear breast implants in New York? The new gummy bear breast implants have several advantages over other implants.

First, the gummy bear implants are cohesive gel implants. This means that they will maintain their shape over a long period of time, when compared to regular silicon or saline implants.

The reason for this is that the other implants are more susceptible to the laws of gravity and the shape of the actual breast. The gummy bear implant has a distinctive tear drop shape, and that is the shape that the breast will conform to.

No Rippling or Folding

The gummy bear implant will rarely ripple or fold as other implants may do. The tear drop shape of the breast reduces this risk, and the more solid filling of the implant also helps. The tight molecular bonding in this implant make it very unlikely that the implant shell will fold or ripple – ever.

Less Scarring

Some women have found that cohesive gel implants result in less scarring than other implants. This has been found in many European breast enhancement surgeries over the years. The exact reasons for this are not known at this time. Some experts believe that there is less diffusion of the silicone. Others think that the greater firmness of the product means that the implant will not let the body contract around it. Whatever the cause, less scar tissue is a big advantage.

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